8406 Red Oak Blvd., Red Oak, NC 27868


Mon-Thur: 10am - 5pm

Planning Board

The Red Oak Planning Board is a group of citizen's appointed by the Town Council to develop and recommend long range development plans and policies and to advise the Town Council in matters pertaining to potential development and zoning for the Town's planning jurisdiction. All Planning Board members serve at the pleasure of the Town Council and must be property owners within Red Oak. The current members are as follows:

Planning board members

  • Mary Tom Bass
  • Richard Davenport
  • Franki Joyner
  • Phil May
  • Todd Mallory


  • Planning Board Chair: Franki Joyner
    Co Chair: Richard Davenport
    Town Council Advisor to Planning Board: Scott Briley

    Zoning Administrator:
    Zoning Officer: